Jul 13, 2010

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

They say that a good conscience is the best bed partner, but I would think that a nice inflatable bed will not hurt either! I have a clear conscience so nothing in the areas of bad dream or heavy conscience should get in the way of a nice night. But I just woke up from a restless night and I think it has nothing to do with the coffee that I had an hour before I turned in. I think its the old mattress in our bed. Its lumpy at places and God forbid there should be ticks in it! I think I have some bites at my back. Not to mention it hurts too because of the lumpy bed! I guess its time to whip the card out and buy a nice bed. I also need new double decked beds for my house in Montalban, one for us and the kids in one room, and another for my mother and sister in the other. I really prefer a bed with pull-out, but that is not possible here in our current house because of the space. Good thing that Robinsons is having a home fair. I really will look for a new bed tomorrow because I need my sleep.

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