Jul 21, 2010

Typhoon Woes

I can't forget our experience at the airport last Wednesday for our Boracay trip. Since typhoon Basyang came with very strong winds that was not predicted by our weather bureau, many electric posts were destroyed causing massive brownouts in the city. I think the airport sits in one of those affected areas because they were running on generator. Can you imagine the heat at the airport last week? Yes, it was indeed so hot and they only have a blower that was not enough for all those passengers. My kids were just standing in front of the blower, hoping for more air and less humidity. Good thing they dont have asthma, otherwise we should have looked for an indoor air purifier at the airport!

That typhoon was really bad and death toll has risen to almost a hundred. We only suffered the discomfort of waiting at the very hot airport but I feel for those who have lost their loved ones from the typhoon. I know that our country should have been more prepared for typhoons because there are a lot coming in every rainy season. But I guess nobody can really ever be prepared for a disaster. I just wish that the next typhoon will just bring us the water that we sorely need, and not the devastation.

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