Aug 17, 2010

Another surgery?

I had a surgery some six years ago for my sinusitis, called a functional endoscopic sinus surgery. It was a major operation and I was on general anesthesia. It was finished when I woke up, and the only restriction was for me not to blow my nose too hard. I was not scared then because I didn't know what would happen. Now, I think my sinuses are blocked again and I need another surgery. Frankly, I am scared and I am thinking of getting a No Exam Life Insurance already. I don't think that I want another surgery unless I really need. I am going to the doctor tomorrow for a consultation and I am dreading it. I can really feel the blocked sinuses especially when I have colds. Just yesterday when I was doing my daily afternoon run, I had pain on the left side of my head. My face also felt painful and i know its because of the sinusitis. I know that I should stop writing and just go the doctor but I am just scared. I also know that I am acting like a hypochondriac and maybe unnecessarily stressing myself but I cant help it. What if this is something else, something serious? What if?

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