Aug 16, 2010

Are You Insured?

I know its true that you will never appreciate the importance of insurance until you need it. And I am thankful that I already have one in place even before we need it! Take the case of our home insurance in Montalban. When Ondoy hit us, we were able to get some money from the proceeds of our insurance. We used it to rebuild some portion of the house. It was not enough, but it was better than nothing. I have some friends who were more affected by the typhoon but they did not have any insurance. I know some people are not believers, especially because of the prohibitive nature of some commercial insurance rates but I still think it is still a good investment. When we had a motorcycle accident just last Friday, I already thought of getting personal insurance for me and my husband. Although we have insurance from our respective work, I know that we need the security as well. I hope to find some good rates just like this California local insurance and this Kansas insurance. I need them not just for our future's security but for my peace of mind as well. You really never know what will happen tomorrow so it is only best that we be prepared.

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