Aug 3, 2010

August 23 Is A Holiday

In case you have forgotten, August 23 is a holiday, making it a 3-day weekend. Yes, it means we have time to go on another trip and check out these holiday cottages if only we have the budget. My mother-in-law's birthday is on August 22 and we are planning a swimming party for her. Good thing that we have another free day to rest after what I know will be a very fun but tiring day! The next holiday will be on August 30 and I think this will be for the National Heroes Day celebration. This is a nicer time to go on a trip because the weekend falls on payday, which means we have some money! I really would love to go home to Batangas to visit my Lola that weekend but I guess that will depend on whether we can borrow a car or not. Traveling for an out of time trip is really a problem when you don't have a car. But we are saving up for it and this time next year, we may be able to go on those weekend trips after all! I just hope that we will have as much 3-day weekends next year as we had this year.

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