Aug 11, 2010

Bills and Reconnection Fees

We went to our house in Montalban last Sunday and were surprised to see lots of bills scattered on my gate. Then we checked the faucet, the water service was disconnected! So one of the bills that was lying around, muddy on the floor was for our water service. And I was dismayed to find out that the reconnection fee that I was supposed to pay was way higher than what I have to pay for our consumption! I wanted to complain, but then I realized that it was really my fault for not paying the bills on time. Of course, if only they will allow a change of address on my bill, then I will receive them on time and would have paid them on time as well. But for water services, the bill can only be addressed to where the service is being rendered. Then I realized that the reason why I did not pay for m water service was because I paid in excess the last time and I didn't anticipate that it was not enough to cover the 2 months that I didn't pay. I forgot to factor in the consumption during the construction period! Oh my, goes to show how old I am.

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