Aug 31, 2010

A Do It Yourself Weekend

Last weekend was a 3-day vacation for us. But since we had no plans to go on a trip, it became a Do-It-Yourself weekend! And we were very productive indeed! We spray-painted our old refrigerator, made a table and chair and re-painted the shelves. If we had known a good, Residential HVAC I am sure we would have installed a new one because we were on a roll! It was a fun and enjoyable weekend indeed.

My husband made this table and the chair at the side from scrap wood from a refurbished cabinet from my mother in law's house. We plan to bring it to our house in Montalban once we have it painted. The white paint is just the first coating.

This shelves below came with the house we are renting and has seen better days. We thought that a new coat of paint will give it its glory back and it did!

This refrigerator used to be colored cream and it looks old and dirty. A silver coat of spray paint made it look brand new!

So it was really a very productive weekend for us and our house looked a little less cluttered and a lot like new! I hope that we can do something like this again next time! So, how was your weekend?

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