Aug 4, 2010

Doctor, Doctor I am Sick!

Other than these pesky allergies, I am not really that sick. But I do sneeze a lot, as soon as I wake up and even while at the office. No amount of spraying Lysol all over the place seems to help. But I still feel blessed that my allergies are something that I can live with and even take for granted. I can do anything really, but I do make a lot of noise with this sneezing! But still, it is a lot to be thankful for that my body is just perfect for me. What about those who need surgery, not just for cosmetic purposes, but to function normally? If I do have the need for a plastic surgeon, I will check out Dr. Alan Dulin of Dallas’ American Institute of Plastic Surgery. He seems to be well-known in the circle for his credentials. Thankfully, I have no need for anything at the moment. I don't even think that these allergies are serious enough to warrant a visit to an allercologist. I will just continue to boost my immune system by eating properly and continuing my exercise regimen. Not only will I stay healthy, but I will also have a beautiful body! Naks!

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