Aug 23, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday: Swimming


My kids love the water so much and usually, special occasions in our family are celebrated with a swimming party. We were at Bosay Resort last Saturday to celebrate my mother-in-law's 62nd birthday and the kids had a blast!

These are my kids with some of their cousins and they look they are really having the best time!

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  1. Indeed they do. And that training ring is a stand-out colour which allows her mummy to always know where she is. Good post for MYM.

  2. Great kids and the place is lovely.

    Btw, I'm Christian and I just followed you...Can you add me please?

    You can view my entry here:

  3. Oh my I am so sure the kids had a lot of fun, they love water so much ^_^ Happy Monday!
    Yellow Pick-up