Aug 12, 2010

My Hairstylist

I am not not vain but I like my hair pretty, just like any other normal girl. That is why only Ado, my hairstylist, touches my hair. And he is thrilled and flattered when I say that to him! He says it makes him feel as though he was trained at some Arizona beauty schools! He is the only one I trust to cut, color or relax my hair. I had a very bad experience when I tried another salon once when Ado was away. The style was horrible as the hairstylist wouldn't listen to my specific instructions. He said he knows the best style for my type of hair. He said is familiar with how to trim my hair according to the shape of my face. And I ended up looking funny! The hair style was just wasn't me! I was so furious I vowed never to return to them again. So Ado and I have a happy relationship. He is always delighted to see me because I really adore what he does to my hair and he said I am so easy to please. Maybe because I appreciate him more, he always exceeds my expectations every time I come to visit him. So I love my hairstylist and he loves me back.

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