Aug 9, 2010

A Real Website

I have been told too many times that a blogspot blog is not a real website. "As compared to" is my automatic and immediate reply, but sometimes it's just not worth it to explain. Some people would just put a label to things that most of the times they have no real concept of what it is all about! But just to put an end to his, I went and searched the webhosting hub for some ideas. I found out how easy it was to create a site that sometimes comes with a free domain name. I have always used blogger so I have no idea how to sign up with another web host but I found it to be surprisingly easy and painless! I can even transfer this blog to the new site without much trouble. And I need not worry much about learning new commands because the publishing control panel is just too user friendly. Of course, I have to think really hard whether I should give up blogger just because of the haters. It would really mean a lot to me if my blog would to be labeled a real website. But I guess I need to think about it more and work on my content in the meantime.

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  1. Most people consider a website as something with a reat domain name such as, not Get a domain name (such as and point it to your blog. I like the blog format better because it is easier to update compared to a regular formatted website. The only reason why I moved from Blogger was several Blogger sites were hijacked by hackers. Some had domains stolen. I guess that at the time there was some sort of security issues with Blogger that has been taken care of.