Aug 19, 2010

Too Much Vitamins?

My office mate told me to try this Vitamin C called Fern-C because I always have colds. She used to be prone to colds too but since taking this vitamin since December, she said she has never been sick. I started using it yesterday so I cant you yet how it is for me. But since I sometimes take Vitamin B for my blood circulation, I am not sure if I am taking too much already. I eat enough food and get enough rest but I feel you can never be too safe so I take these vitamins and supplements. My mother takes medicines for her hypertension and Vitamin B as well, and then when she read about a Review of Trigosamine, she thinks its alright for her to take it as well. She always complain about her aching joints and I keep telling her that its her old age that is bothering her. She always replies that at 55, she is still very young to have those aches and pains so I just let her be. I know that she is eating right too so I just hope that too much vitamins is not bad for her as well. I guess I am just like my mother that we worry too much.

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