Aug 4, 2010

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Its Wednesday again and time to count our blessings! So today, these are the things I am thankful for:
1. The continuous rains, (except the flood and the ensuing traffic) because it will end the water shortage.
2. My new phone, courtesy of my generous boss.
3. My mom's new (well, refurbished) phone, which is my company-issued phone.
4. Cebu Pacific's piso fare, because I was able to get a round trip ticket for two to Cagayan de Oro for less than P500!
5. For making my Lola happy.
6. For having the means to make her happy.
7. For my mom's happiness over my Lola's happiness.
8. For my younger sister's diligence in teaching my kids their lessons.
9. For my husband's generosity.
10. For "Mommy, I Love You, Goodnight" from my three kids every night.

For the image and to find out how these meme started, check this out.

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