Aug 11, 2010

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Its the time of the week again to count our blessings and here are 10 reasons for my happiness:
1. Finding old friends thru Facebook.
2. Visiting the dream house and finding everything in order. Except that I need to save for tiles, paints , etc etc.
3. Pag-ibig multi-purpose loan.
4. Danniel's excitement over his coming field trip, which is very contagious so we are all as excited as him.
5. New office uniforms! and I look good (translated as slim, he he)in them!
6. Good workout (5K in 40 minutes) everyday.
7. Loving husband who paid all tuition fees this month.
8. Kids who ask you "Mommy, galit ka?" which makes you forget that you are irritated over something.
9. Thoughtful sister who did the laundry on your behalf because you were not feeling well.
10. Mother who keeps on asking you what you want for dinner.

To find out how this started and credits for the image, check here.

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