Aug 25, 2010

Wednesday Happy Thougts

August 25 is a special day, because today I choose to be happy and thankful for life's blessings:
1. For keepiJustify Fullng my eldest son safe and happy during his field trip in Pampanga.
2. For my sense of smell! Rejoice, rejoice! I went to the doctor last Friday and I am slowly but surely regaining my sense of smell back. I am hoping for the good news on Friday that there will be no more need for surgery.
3. My camera, Kinang which my son used yesterday has died. It is the perfect excuse to buy a new one.
4. My family for their love and support and just for their presence. I feel so blessed to have them in my life.
5. For cheap, generic medicines. The cost of branded ones kill me!
6. For Venus Raj, for that major major achievement!
7. For my work and the salary and satisfaction it brings to me and my loved ones.
8. The roof over our heads and the comforts that we enjoy.
9. For my mother and my sisters for all their help to my family.
10. For being alive!

Thank you for everything that I enjoy in my life! For credits on the image and to see how this started, check this out.

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