Sep 8, 2010

Are Your Kids Safe?

Who can resist such a beautiful baby? The cute child pictured above is my niece, Reigne and she is just 5 months old . My own daughter is already six years old and I still I cant imagine her getting hurt, more so this baby. So I told my sister in law to make sure that her house is kid-friendly. Reigne is now learning to crawl so she has to install some baby gates. I told her to check out and choose from these child safety gates to make sure that what happened to my eldest son, who fell down the stairs wont happen to her baby. My cousin who was then taking care of my baby had to go down the stairs to check something out and she thought my baby was asleep. My son woke up and crawled to the stairs and fell! That broke my heart and I nearly died when I saw the cuts on his face. If I had known KidCo gates or any baby gates then, that would have never happened to him! He still have the scars to remind me of that fateful day. So as one who have learned paifully from experience, I strongly recommend using pressure gates, pet gates, stairway gates or even extra wide baby gates for your kid's safety. You can never be too sure when it comes to safety. My sister in law now checks and she now regularly follow their updates on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, and the KidSafe Blog. I would rather that she see me as meddling, know-it all sister in law, than allow her and her daughter to experience what my son went through. Better safe than sorry!

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