Sep 3, 2010

Decorating the Bedroom

I was just in the mall this afternoon and I fell in love with some Bedroom Sets I set my eyes on. There was particularly this bed bunk with pull-out that I really, really want to buy. I need to decide on a furniture for our small bedroom where all five of us will sleep so that bunk bed with pull out will be perfect for us. My eldest son will sleep at the top bunk, my husband and myself on the lower bunk and my two younger kids on the pull out bunk. Of course, I took the measurement and have to check at home to see if it will fit in the space but I really hope so because I really think its perfect. It is not easy decorating a small bedroom for five people. I still have to decide whether to buy some cabinets or maybe just have some built in the room. Of course, built in cabinets would be my first choice if I can find a good carpenter but I don't know anybody who fits the description. So in the meantime, I will just take pictures of good furniture and maybe have the carpenter do them for me in the future.

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