Sep 9, 2010

End of the World

After watching that doomsday movie 2012, I cannot bear to look outside the windows of my office building. We are located at the top floor of the tallest building here in Ortigas Center and I can see the almost the whole city from here. On a good day, I can even see the mountains of Sierra Madre and Bataan. I can also see the Manila Bay and its beautiful sunset. But after watching the film, I can almost see the land and the building below being eaten up by the water! I scare myself some more and imagine a big tidal wave coming right at me while I am standing so close to the window! I know that I am just scaring myself and those doomsday movies are really just a product of a writer's vivid imagination but I can't help it. What if Mother Nature is really angry at us for not taking care of her and is now doing self-preservation? There are companies like that could help us recycle industrial wastes and we should all do our individual share in taking care of the planet. Every little thing count and we really must get our act together to prevent an early end of the world.

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