Sep 8, 2010

Exercise After Giving Birth

My friend gave birth two months ago and she wants to go back to the gym to lose some post-pregnancy weight. But she laments that going back to exercising is not that easy after a year of hiatus. She has excuse after excuse, ranging from, she forgot her shorts to she forgot her shampoo! While walking at the mall, she was given fitness business cards and she decided check it out. She has since enrolled in some classes and is now happily enjoying her exercise regimen. She is in this class with women like herself who has just given birth. She is very happy because she feels no pressure anymore. Of course, the pressure she was feeling was coming from herself and her desire to lose weight as soon as possible. But being around women with her own experience, she is able to see herself in the eyes of another and realize that it is okay to take her time. That is one good motivation in going back to exercise at her own pace. I wish I can have the same motivation in the gym I am currently visiting. Unfortunately, my gym buddies at the office are either buff guys or old people, ha ha!

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