Sep 14, 2010

Glee Marathon

I am a Gleek! I am so addicted I have to have my Glee fix daily. But since I have work, this has become a problem. I am sometimes too tired to watch at home so I wish I could get my Glee fix during lunch time at the office. When my other Gleek friends told me to watch TV Online, I was so happy! Now, I need not wait to get home to watch my favorite TV show. Unfortunately for me, my husband is not a fan. He does not hate it, but he just doesn't share my enthusiasm. But I guess he is thawing because when we were in my friends house last weekend and she was wearing a Gleek t-shirt, my husband said I should get one for myself. And when the conversation turned to Glee, he was not rolling his eyes to the ceiling as I suspected he would. My friends husband also watch Glee so I guess my husband wont think of himself too much of a loser if he watches with me. Now, I am scheduling a Glee marathon at home this weekend and I will be happy to introduce my family to the wonderful world of losers, oh, I mean Glee! Ha ha!

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