Sep 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Vangie!

Tomorrow is the birthday of my dear friend, Vangie. She will turn a year older, a year wiser and a year nicer! She is really a very nice person. She is always ready to give you some advice, most especially on relationships. And that was even before she had a boyfriend! For her birthday, we will give her the book set of her latest favorite, Twilight. After the movie was shown last July, she read the books and told me that they would be part of her wish list. I wish I was able to get her some twilight gadgets that will go nicely with the book but I haven't got the time to shop anymore. She wants the book for Christmas but it came early this year and I hope she would love them. We will also have a small lunch celebration for her tomorrow. We are planning it a surprise so I hope she doesn't see this entry until after our lunch. I think she is also planning to serve us some snacks and since I wont be able to exercise during lunch tomorrow, I better skip dinner tonight to make room for all those food. I really love birthdays!

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