Sep 8, 2010

Internet Speed

There are internet providers and there are satellite internet service providers. But the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so to speak. So in the case of internet providers, it is the the speed that matters. Unfortunately, that is the test that our local internet providers have to pass. There are no satisfactory internet providers now, when it comes to speed and price, be it dial up or broadband. I was once a user a new broadband provider but I had it disconnected after only two months because of the speed. And the technical team sent to my house had to gall to tell me that the poor connectivity was because there were many users! I had to resist from hitting him in the head with that stupid answer. I mean, if their capacity cannot handle all those users, then why do I have to pay them for the inadequate service, right? I cannot wait for a specific time for me to use the internet when I am paying for it 24/7! I know that other providers have the same problem as me and that we are all hoping that something can de done about it. I can only marvel at my friend's stories when they tell me how fast internet connection is abroad. I hoep that time will come for us soon!

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