Sep 8, 2010

Is Your Car Insured?

My friend was issued a company just two months ago. Unfortunately, her car met with an accident while it was park at a mall just last week. Its a good thing that the car was covered with a comprehensive insurance from the company. Of course, there is a participation fee which is very minimal but can you imagine the expense if there was no insurance? I hope to buy a car this December once I get my hands on my bonus and these early, I am checking out Car Insurance Los Angeles to see if there is one near my area. I believe it is prudent to include the cost of car insurance when buying even a second-hand unit. You can never really be sure when you might be involved in an accident and its really better to have this kind of protection. When we had our old car last year and we were hit by a taxi, we have no insurance then. The taxi driver only paid us some money which was not enough to cover the expenses. So now, I know better and I am aware of the importance of car insurance and will be sure to have that area covered.

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