Sep 20, 2010

My Own Business Cards

I was on an artistic mood last week and I tried designing my own business card. My old one has my name and the blog's name but not the URL so it is definitely due for a redesign. I want to put the blog's header on the business card as well. I know, why didn't I order the business cards when I changed my blog design, right? Well, my only excuse was that I was not in the mood. So the time is now. Seriously, the reason why I was not getting new cards was simply because I was not that busy attending blogging events anyway. The last time I attended one was during Nuffnang's Shopaholic event. After that, I was too busy at work and motherhood to attend much events anyway. But this has got to change so I am hoping that having new business cards will help me become active online and offline in promoting my blog. There is nothing like new business cards to boost my blog's popularity, I hope! Anyway, I need be attending a blogging event to promote my blog. I will just give it to friends so they can visit my place in this world wide web!

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