Sep 8, 2010

My Sense of Smell

I have shared in this blog sometime ago that I have no more sense of smell. I had a Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery some years back to clear my sinuses and my sense of smell has been affected since. I recently consulted an ENT to see what could be done and I was relieved when he said that we should try some medications. After only two weeks of treatment, I can smell already because the polyp has shrunk. I was delighted and I found myself suddenly interested in Demeter Fragrance Library. I figured it would make sense for me now to check out fragrances because I can already smell them! But after my last check up last week when the doctor cleared me of my medications save for the nasal spray, I can again only smell sparingly! I can smell coffee only when I put in under my nose! That is still an improvement from before when I cant really smell anything but it was so different from last week! Last week, I can already smell coffee in the room and I have already regained my confidence in cooking. I am not sure if I should come back again to the doctor or wait until after I am finished with the nasal spray. He said to come back if I have any complaints but I am not sure if I should wait or not! Wah, I want my sense of smell back again!

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