Sep 21, 2010

Palawan Trip

We are off to visit Palawan in less than three weeks but I can't muster enough excitement! The truth is, I have no more travel fund and I am seriously thinking if getting those Payday Loans No Credit Check is the answer. Since only my husband and myself and some friends are traveling on a budget, we need not prepare as much money as we did when we went to Boracay last July. But still, since we just paid for our Cebu tickets for next year, I am really a little low on the budget. I also just paid our hotel accommodation for December. Ha ha, I know its all my fault for booking all of these trips and hotels but who can resist such good deals? Anyway, I hope to en cash some money from my Paypal account to cover this trip. I just hope that my husband can save some too, since he just bought paint supplies for our dream house project last weekend.

But just look at the picture above and tell me that you wont try and make this trip happen? That looks like heaven on earth! I really love exploring the Philipines and I hope to visit more places in the country before I turn 35!

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