Sep 14, 2010

Plaques and Awards

My sister who is in college was asking me this morning where to find a good plaque maker. They were working on a surprise for this favorite high school teacher of theirs. I remember when we were in college and we invited this professor to give a lecture to our class as one of our requirements. He gave a very enjoyable talk and although we exceeded the time, the class was very well into the discussion and nobody got bored. Our speaker received a resounding applause from the students and he was overwhelmed by the warm reception. He was more touched when we gave him a special token of appreciation, one that we were sure would stand out from his collection of many Plaques and Awards. The token we gave him was a plaque engraved with something akin to Olympic torch. It was among the many Award Plaques that we think suited his personality best as a wonderful professor: a beacon of light to us students. His talk was so rousing that we know that we were right in choosing him to speak about hope and our future. The plaques that he would continue to receive for all of his efforts in enriching the minds of students will always be a reminder of his worth as a teacher.

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