Sep 28, 2010

Stop & Shop, Sta Mesa Manila

I have always been interested on where places and streets get their names. When I saw this old signage in Stop N Shop in Sta, Mesa Manila I wondered, was the place named after this or was this named after the place. The building is not new; it was already there way back when I was in college 16 years ago.

Hmm, and look at the establishments in this building. They will surely make you stop and shop?


  1. I wonder if the Fernando supermarket and the church are still around that area; last time I saw S&S area was back in 1981 before coming to Canada.

  2. @anonymous, the church is still there but Fernando's has been replaced by another grocery store.

  3. gosh. I remember fernando's grocery, I used to shop there when I was still living in Bacood sta mesa way back in 1992. I can't even remember how to get there anymore. Yesterday I went to v mapa DMCI or illumina condominium I saw jeepneys that are going to stop and shop. I really for got what was the street where the fernando's grocery built

  4. @Ann, is it Teresa? Basta I know lang na Bacood and Boni jeepneys pass by Fernandos.

  5. @ Dinah
    Thanks for your reply. Apologies for the very late response. Prior to coming to Canada in 1981, as a kid I remember shopping in that palengke right near the overpass R. Magsaysay and that train track; and there was a bakery at a corner of Altura. Hmmm, it sure is great to see what is left of the 1981 Santa Mesa. I remember the Pilstress pedestrian overpass to get to Fernando's. One of these days I will visit the streets of Pelaez and Altura.

    Thank you, from Vancouver, BC