Sep 8, 2010

Wall Clocks for My House!

I have special thing for wall clocks because they remind me of my grandmother's house where I grew up. She has this big wooden wall clock shaped like a horseshoe and was the biggest thing that I ever saw as a kid. Even now, I don't think I have ever seen a wall clock as big as that one. Other than the size, the wall clock was the main focal point of the living room and has been a witness to many important family occasions and gatherings. We cannot imagine her house without remembering that wall clock. But for my house, I want something modern that looks like an antique. I already saw that wall clock at a party I once attended and I know that I want exactly that. It will fit the color motif of my house and will be the main decoration in the living room. I asked my friend where the clock was bought but was informed it was a gift and they have no idea where. So I guess the hunt for that elusive wall clock is on! I want that clock to be a witness to my own family life and to be a part of the house where my family will grow. It will tell us that it is time to enjoy life and more!

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