Sep 1, 2010

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

I am happy its Wednesday because its just 2 days to go before the weekend ;-) But here are more reasons I am thankful:
1. For getting my sense of smell back!
2. I can now again cook delicious meals owing to #1.
3. My doctor smells nice, ha ha ha!
4. My husband, Noel for being a very game and capable handyman for making the table and chair and spray painting the ref.
5. My mother for always preparing delicious food.
6. My sister Kris for always being responsible.
7. Buffet lunch with friends!
8. Coffee, coffee and coffee! The smell alone is delicious!
9. Online opportunities and contests that I have yet to win, but soon, I know it!
10. For being alive.
I know that there are a lot more reasons to be thankful for and I am just so happy that I am alive and able to get a lot out of life!
For credits on the image and to see how it started, check this out.

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