Sep 2, 2010

Welcoming the Ber Months!

Yesterday was the first day of the Christmas season in the Philippines and today, its just 114 days away! The whole day, you can already Christmas carols playing on the airwaves, and even on some people's ring tones! But I am actually more excited about Halloween. My kids usually have Halloween parties in school and I get to make or prepare their costume. This was a little tricky for my picky son Danniel who would only agree to don on a cape and he is a vampire. He wont wear those vampire teeth nor fake blood so his costume is always a little blah. I would have loved to get him those Special Effects Contacts to make him more look like a vampire but of course he wont wear them. My eldest son is torn between being a child and a tween at 13 so you can be sure his costume would be along the anime looks. My little girl would love to dress up as witch or as a fairy and I already bought her the hat and wings for any of those two. I am really excited that the holiday season is just almost around the corner. I cant wait to dress up my kids for their Halloween party and I hope I can join a themed party for bloggers too!

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