Nov 11, 2010

456th Post!

This entry is my 456th post in my blogger account and I am thinking of website hosting as I write this. 456 is a random number and have no special meaning other than making me realize that I have been blogging for far too long now. And that I should be getting my own web host. My first post was about ukay-ukay, or pre-loved stuff like clothes and bags and where I sometimes buy them and how I want to share those great finds by writing about it. Since then, this blog has been about a lot of things like my travels, my life, my family and just anything that I can think to write: a hodge podge or a motley collection of just about anything that I can think to share. I know some people think that those of us who blog has a compulsion to share everything that is happening to us, and I have to agree. But in my case, I only share things that I think a reader would at least have a use for. The hits in this blog are from searches on Aling Dionisia Pacquiao, some resorts we visited and some pictures that I took. Now I am thinking for how long will I be able to maintain this blog and until when will I have the appetite to write? Hmm, I am not really sure but since I enjoy doing this, and I earn a little from it, then I might as well go on to write up to my 1000th post and then some!

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