Nov 19, 2010

Building My Dream House

Some of you may know that I am paying for a house in Montalban Rizal for more than 5 years now. We were supposed to move there last year but due to some reasons like schooling and stuff, we postponed. It was really a blessing in disguise that we did not move in last year because Typhoon Ondoy happened and our subdivision was one of those most seriously affected. So now, we are on house improvement again and hopefully will be able to finally move in next year. Its a good thing I was able to discover this website, during construction and have instructed the carpenter not to use them in my house. I dont think I can handle another set back. After a natural calamity, I hope that man-made negligence will not prevent us from finally living in our very own home. The kitchen and the bathroom are being tiled this week and the rest of the house will be finished by next week. I love how the pink tiles we chose turned out. We have already spent our Christmas bonus on this project and we are so excited at how it will turn out completely. I feel like a mother happily expecting her new child!

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