Nov 2, 2010

Falcon Crest Resort, Norzagaray Bulacan, A Review

My daughter and her pre-school class had an educational tour at Falcon Crest Resort in Norzagaray, Bulacan last October 2010 and here is my review. My daughter enjoyed her tour, simply because she is six years old, and a road trip with her mother and teachers and classmates is fun. Throw in a short swimming time and she is in field trip heaven. But me, I was not satisfied and felt that the venue was not worth our time and money. In fairness to the teachers, they did try to make it fun and educational and it was, but even though I know my daughter enjoyed herself, I still wish we went to another place. I feel that the venue is not very suitable for preschoolers like my daughter, especially if unsupervised.

This was the main hall where we did some games, rappelling, rope and rock climbing. It was not that high. Some kids tried it, some did not. But all the parents and teachers did.
They were very strict about safety and they did explain to the kids the importance of using proper attire and gadgets when climbing the wall and rappelling.
I cant remember the exact height but one or two kids made it to the top. But most kids just went up two or three rocks and then they would ask to be let down.Climbing this rope below was a bigger hit with the kids.
The safety helmets.
This was the outdoor rappelling platform that we did not use, thank God! It looks old and ready to fall :(

This was the zip line. The kids were afraid at first, but soon found it to be exhilarating. My daughter cried when it was her turn but was raring to go again after.

This was the winding way down to the zip line.
This was the view from the resort and its very nice.

This was a game that the kids did not enjoy much because we trekked a long way from the zip line to this part of the resort. And even the parents were tired already even when it was only 11am. Well, we had to wake up very early.
This is an age-appropriate game that the kids played after lunch and before swimming at the pool. The parents solved it! ha ha!

These are just some of the cottages at the pool and they have obviously seen better days!

The pool was okay because there was a kiddie pool and the other side was not that deep as well.

These are the reasons why I liked Falcon Crest Resort:
1. The staff in charge of rock climbing and rappelling and zip line were very concerned about safety and were very patient with the kids and they knew their stuff.
2. The pool was okay.
3. The view was great.

But here are the reasons why I would not recommend this resort:
1. Not much to do.
2. Resort does not look very well maintained and some areas looks very neglected.
3. Serving staff were not in uniform or even decent attire. The crew serving our lunch was in sando! There were crew sleeping at the next floor of the main hall while we were having our team building. There were ladies loitering at the hall as well and two girls folding clothes near the entrance!

I can't think of other reasons why I like or dislike this place but there is really an aura of neglect in this place, like it has seen better days and is now just struggling to survive. I just hope that they do better next time there are kids around!


  1. Based on your photos, the place looks neglected. but i think the kids enjoyed the wall climbing activity.

  2. how big was the pool??

  3. it is so good in falcon crest.some facilitator are 3per ..hagahass

  4. thanks for your blog it really helps a lot in my documentation...

  5. you should visit the place again,its totally different from the last time you visited falcon crest, just went there for three days for our school's overnight field was the best unusual trip ever..the administrators were kind and building activities were unique and kids enjoyed and looked forward for another great experience next year... thanks to Falcon Crest

  6. do you have restaurant that serves walk in clients?

  7. i am not so sure if they have a restaurant because I didnt see one.

  8. This Resort was newly renovated..their improvements on the resort were outstanding..they constructed a new zip line station that's longer, higher and better! This resort is affordable and it's really worth your money to go there and relax, arrange team buildings and field trips, and have fun with their wide range of activities. The food there is, simply put, superb. I highly recommend this for your field trip, team building, and company/school retreat.

  9. this was a review from 2010, are there any other reviews about this resort just recently, say 2012, on how much they've improved from 2010, im sort of like gathering infos bout team building facilities & other activities that a resort can provide... thanks, very heplful....

  10. maybe u just expected too much for an affordable rate...