Nov 3, 2010

Watery Wednesday: Maquinit Hot Spring, Coron, Palawan

This is the Maquinit Hot Spring in Coron, Palawan. It was a tricycle ride away from the town proper and we just rented one for P300 for six of us and asked the driver to wait. Entrance fee for non-resident adults was P100. The temperature at the hot spring ranges from 38 to 41 degrees centigrade and those with health conditions were advised (thru a rules and regulations billboard) to consult their doctors.
There were two pools, and above is the smaller, but hotter one. The temperature here was said to go up to 42 degrees.
This is the bigger pool and it flows right to the mangrove forest and into the ocean. When they said that it was a hot spring, be warned that they were not kidding! It was so hot we had to wait for some minutes before we can submerge our bodies little by little!
This was the magnificent view from the hot spring so direct from island hopping, your boat can bring you straight here. Just tell your boatman about it.
This is your truly posing by the mangrove forest.

And this was a much nicer view of the mangroves. There was a rainbow when we took this picture, but I guess we were not able to capture it!
Happy Watery Wednesday!


  1. Wow Dinah, this looks like fun. I've never been into a natural hot spring, not even an onsen in Japan.

  2. i'm definitely going to Coron in March...couldn't wait!:p

  3. Looks like a lovely place, and I'd love to take a dip in those waters.
    Happy Watery Wednesday.

  4. What a fantastic place. I'd love to go there.

  5. I so love to visit this kind of places, specially plunge a natural hot spring!! Great shot Di thanks for the visit!
    At the creek

  6. Wow, my first time to hear about this place. I hope some day I would be able to visit there. Great captures.