Nov 15, 2010

What Will You Buy With Your 13th Month Pay?

Its that time of the year again when employees are most happy because of the extra money that they will receive. Some are luckier than most because they get a 13th, a 14th and even up to 16th month pay. Me, I only receive a 13th month pay and I am thinking very hard on how I will spend it. Here are some of my ideas:
1. Buy tiles for the house in Montalban
2. Pay for labor on No. 1
3. Buy some stocks and open an online trading account, and finally learn to buy and sell stocks!
4. Furnish the house and choose one from many beautiful howard miller grandfather clocks,
5. Open a time deposit account.
6. Subscribe to a new internet provider and increase income on paid posts!
7. Get mom a new set of dentures to make her smile wider!
8. Get my sister a new phone.
9. Upgrade the home PC.
10. Buy new sofas.

I tried to balance the "buy" with the save portions and the need against the wants and I hope I will be successful. I want to save some money but also to give my family some comfort and joy. I hope this is wise spending!

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