Dec 13, 2010

25 Things To Do in the Philippines

I saw this via Quicker and I have to agree with Inquirer's 25 things to do in the Philippines. You see, I have been wanting to go out of the country before I turn 35 and we aim to do this second half of next year, thanks to Cebu Pacific seat sale. I also won a free round trip ticket to Beijing that I have to ticket by March next year. The only problem I have is that I need a visa to visit China. Now that my dream of going out of the country is within my reach, I am thinking twice and would really rather see the Philippines. Anyway, I think I am doing well on list below.

25 Things To Do in the Philippines
… before fantasizing about exploring other countries 1. Go white water rafting in Cagayan de Oro.
-We have a ticket for March next year and I am sure to do this!
2. Visit Batanes.
-This is also on my list. If only Cebu Pacific flies there!
3. See Mt. Mayon up close.
-I wish to visit Bicol soon!
4. Swim with the whale sharks in Donsol.
-Well, I cant swim and I hate to do so in vest near sharks. But to watch them in the safety of my boat, then will out that on my list!
5. Climb Mt. Pulag and be awed by its sea of clouds.
-Yes, why not! The only mountains I have climbed are the Taal crater in Tagaytay and Mt Tapyas in Coron (it has stairs, does that count?)
6. Dive, swim and explore Palawan’s underground river.
-We have a ticket for Puerto Princesa for February next year!
7. Hike and let the view of Mt. Pinatubo crater take your breath away.
-We want to do this in February, but scheduling problems are getting in our way.
8. Party in your bikini in Boracay.
-Been there, done that! (not in a bikini though!)
9. Surf’s up! Choose your wave—La Union, Zambales or Real, Quezon.
-I cant swim but I would love to try sand surfing, he he!
10. Missed out on the pristine beauty of Boracay 15 years ago? Visit Malapascua, Cebu.
-We have ticket to Cebu in August! whoooooo!
11. Dive and see the rich marine life of Anilao, Batangas.
-Been there, have not done that. Again, I cant swim! But I have waddled in the waters of countless Batangas beaches, being a Batangenya myself.
12. Travel back in time—go to Vigan.
-Done that and hope to do it again soon!
13. Let Bohol wow you with its many offerings—the Chocolate Hills, the tarsier, the Loboc River Cruise, old churches and the beach.
-Oh wow, done this twice and hope to do this again!
14. Go high! Drive to the Mountain Province of Sagada. Check out the caves, the hanging coffins and enjoy the laid back lifestyle.
-I hope to do this one day, soon and not when my weary bones cant take me anymore!
15. Grab a Viaje del Sol map, visit Ugu Binyan’s pottery studio, eat at Kusina Salud and unwind at Casa San Pablo.
-When I have a car and a budget, then I will do this. And I hope soon!
16. Spend an entire week up north. Take a road trip from Manila to Vigan, Ilocos, Cagayan Valley, Aparri and Isabela!
-My office mates are doing this route next February and I cant go with them, hu hu hu.
17. Try wakeboarding in Camsur.
-We have this on our March itinerary, yehey!
18. Check out Malate, Old Manila and all their secret spots.
-Ummm, will get back to you on that. Have to check with my husband ;-)
19. There are many reasons to love Davao. Kublai’s artworks, its proximity to the beach, the tasty pastil and juicy suha. And did I mention that it’s a smoke-free city?
-Soon I hope!
20. Spend a weekend roughing it in Anawangin and Capones in Zambales.
-Hope to do this on the same weekend we will conquer Mt. Pinatubo.
21. Check out our colorful fiestas and document them with your camera. Ati-atihan, Dinagyang, Masskara, Sinulog, Higantes, Panagbenga and more.
-I haven't seen any of these major fiestas ;-)
22. Pick your own strawberries at the Strawberry Fields in La Trinidad, Benguet.
-Was in Baguio in 2007, got lost and wasnt able to do this.
23. Go to Pampanga for sisig.
-Tried this during a work visit and it was fun!
24. If it’s too hot in Manila, grab a few friends and take a quick trip to Tagaytay.
-Wow, a favorite place. Did our planning here last year and all we did was eat. All we planned about was where to eat next. It was an unforgettable experience!
25. Enjoy a food trip in Iloilo. You’ll never go hungry in this city.
-I wish to visit this one day, just wait until I get my hands on more Cebu Pacific seat sale!

See, I love the Philippines and there are indeed a lot more places to visit here. I intend to do that and more!

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  1. Wow! This is superb :) What a plan ang kailangan dito hehe..Talagang maganda ang Pilipinas at hindi mag sisisi ang sino mang dayuhan na mg punta dito sa Pilipinas. They can spend time here by doing activities like, outdoor activities, frisbee, wakeboarding and a lot more. Thank you for sharing this and I will recommend this also to a good friend of mine.