Dec 8, 2010

Christmas Gift Ideas

Its 17 days before Christmas and I have yet to buy gifts for my family and friends! I am so busy at work and we have just finished with the construction at our house. I am thinking of asking my kids to prepare a wish list to make it easier to buy their gifts. As for the rest of our inaanaks, I think I will buy educational books for a change. I have always given them toys and clothes and even money and for a person like me who love books, I think this is just perfect. The younger ones can be given coloring books and coloring materials, while the adults, self-help books and other inspirational stuff. For guys, there are always handkerchiefs, belts and coin purses or caps. I will be getting a belt and a wallet for my husband this year because they are in sore need of replacement. Of course, he also wants jeans and shirts and shoes but I will just ask him to buy it for himself! I wonder what he is getting for me this year. Maybe he will pay for my new rubber shoes because my old one got lost at the gym. Anyway, these are just some ideas and if you have a lot of time on your hands to shop, better hit those stores now to avoid the holiday rush!

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