Dec 2, 2010

The Churches of Bohol: Albur Church

This is a continuation of my series of posts on the Churches of Bohol. I have already made posts on Maribojoc Church, Loay Church, Loboc Church and Dauis Church. Offshoot posts on the Loboc Museum and Dauis Church Complex have been made too. This post is about Albur Church or also known as Albuquerque Church.Of all the churches in Bohol that I have visited, this looks the most forlorn and neglected. Of course, the church looks so beautiful from this angle. The architecture is also still something to behold until now. As with any church, you feel an aura of peace around it. For more historical background on Albur Church, please visit this site, as I can only give you my impressions during my visit.
This is the convent or what used to be a convent. The place was deserted when we were there. Just look at state of the tin roof and the windows.

Taken in the picture above is the driver of our habal-habal. The place looks beautiful at this angle.
This is the inside of the church. It was dark when we were there and the only light coming in were from the window. There were also scaffolding inside as the ceiling of the church was being patched with iron sheet. The picture below was edited as my camera's flash was not able to take a clearer picture. You can still see the iron sheet all over the ceiling.
The altar still looks majectic despite the deteriorating condition of the church.
This is another shot at the back of the church where there is a beautiful grotto.
These pictures were taken June last year. I hope that the condition of the church has improved since then. I know that were efforts by several foundations and the local government of Bohol to preserve the churches because I saw some posters about these at the Dauis Church Complex . I hope that they have done something about Albur Church already.

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