Dec 21, 2010

New Year, New Business

This coming year, I am thinking of a new business. I know for a fact that as an employee with a fixed income, I really cannot expect to get rich. Especially because I have fixed expenses and the kids are growing up and there a million things to pay and buy. I am thinking of setting up a Filipino food restaurant because my mother loves to cook and she has perfected her recipe for pork barbecue. I already have a store name and I am thinking of getting the help of Logo Designers to make it catchier and easier to remember. The restaurant will cater to the masses, as our target location is near a tricycle and jeepney station. I am sure that the business will have a captured market because Filipinos love food and we love eating. I just hope that our target location is still available next year as I cannot make a final decision because of a lot of things. I just wish that the New Year will usher a new hope for me and my new business. I hope that my mother will be strong enough this year to take on the challenge of making this business work!

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