Dec 20, 2010

Wishlist # 3: Family Holiday

More than any gift, what I really want for Christmas is for my family to be together and happy. I know that we are lucky than most families because we are with each other during this wonderful occasion because my husband and I both work here and not abroad. As a wish, it has been granted already and I am very thankful for that. But still, I want our time together to be extra special this Christmas and since they are on vacation from school, a short breakis in order. I want a weekend get-away for my family! Maybe an overnight stay at a hotel or at a resort nearby. I am sure my kids will especially enjoy it. Since we are a little short on the budget because of the house that we just built (and is still building!), we can just pack our Christmas food and eat it at the resort. My kids are raised not to expect extravagant gifts, but rather to appreciate being together and being loved. I know that this gift is something that we will all enjoy and cherish. I am happy that my kids are not raised to expect extravagant gifts and I am sure that they will love this!

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