Mar 22, 2011

Home Decors

My mom's friend is redecorating their ancestral home in the province. Since all her kids are now married and have homes and families of their own, she wants the house to be a vacation place for her grand kids. Do you know where we can find made to measure Roman Blinds? She wants to make the windows inviting and she wants to take off the old and scary looking windows. Her grand kids made her promise to make the house look less like a setting for a horror movie, as old houses do and she was so challenged she is so loving the project! My mom was so caught up with the enthusiasm of her friend that they have changed curtains, paints, paintings, beddings and decors and are now changing the look of the windows. Can you imagine a more fun home decorating activity? They got the idea of the roman blinds when they saw this on a vacation home in Tagaytay. The blinds made the windows so inviting and the place looks so clean too! I know that with these ladies putting their heads together, they will make the old house looks a fun vacation place in no time.

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