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Mar 7, 2011

Honda Bay Tour

The Honda Bay Tour was the activity for our third day at Puerto Princesa. We were picked up from the pension inn at 8 am and we were at the Honda Bay Wharf at 9 am. We traveled for 20 minutes to our first stop, the Pambato Reef where we fed some beautiful fishes and where we were not allowed to step on the corals. I find it a really great experience because swimming in salt water is said to remove psoriasis and other skin blemishes. I am not sure how it works, but I wish that my legs would look better after being submerged for the whole day! We went to Pandan Island for our lunch and while feeding the fishes, I was bitten by one very territorial fish! My husband kept on saying that I will soon turn into a mermaid very soon! I also get to sample the crabs that made me got to Palawan. We bought a kilo for P350 including the cooking charge. The other couple shared it with us but I get to eat more than half! I don't think I can eat anymore crabs for the whole year! Anyway, I will soon blog about our Honda Bay experience once we get to Manila!

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