Mar 30, 2011

How to Market Your Blog

I took up several Marketing units way back in college and I know that in order for any product to succeed, you must know your customers. In order to successfully sell a product to your customers, you must first know who they are and what they need. Now, how does this apply to blogging? I applaud those people who have several niche blogs, one blog for travel, one blog for food, one blog for reviews and one blog for one thing or another. But I only have three blogs and I sometimes just write what I feel at the blog that is least updated, ha ha! So, am I using my knowledge in marketing in this blog? I think yes and I also think no. I know that I can find more readers if I will specialize in one topic in this blog but since this blog is for random thoughts and whatever else comes to mind then I will just as I please! And then maybe I will just hire the services of a search marketing company to find me my readers! I know that it could work too! But I also know that I am doing something right in this blog because I encourage real readership by joining contests, weekly memes and making real comments on those blog that I like and I follow. There lies the success in making this blog work: real people read this! And some posts even make it to google's list. Well, maybe one day I will make this into a more specialized blog, but for now, I am just happy at what I write here and I hope that my readers are enjoying it too!

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