Mar 6, 2011

My First Google Adsense Check

No, I have not yet received my first Google Adsense payment and I have been blogging since 2007! That is 3 years and five blogs and no check! But Im very near my first payment because I already have 90-something dollars on my account. This actually made me think if pay per click services will help speed up the process. The problem is, I have no idea how it works and I might end up paying more that I could probably earn. I guess the most prudent thing to do would be to write more interesting and helpful contents and hope that more people will visit this blog. I also do not want to do anything that might ban my ads because I find those google ads part of this blog too! Good thing that I do earn from other sources like paid ads and that is enough for me to continue blogging. I have already bought a camera from blogging and it helped pay for the laptop too! My next target in saving up my blog earnings is to buy that DLSR camera that both my hudband and I have been salivating about. I hope I can already receive my first google check before our August Cebu trip!

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