Mar 7, 2011

Palawan Vacation!

I am currently on the last day of my four day vacation in Puerto Princesa. I was able to get really cheap tickets from Cebu Pacific's seat sale last year, only P594 for both me and my husband. And we spend some P8000 for our package tour here, which included 3 nights accommodation, Underground river tour and Honda Bay tour. I am now off to the public market to look for stuff we can bring home and I am already wondering how to pack our stuff! I am too bad at packing and storage that I can only imagine what a Storage Leicester would look like should I get one! Souvenir shirts are cheaper in Boracay but crabs are said to be cheap here. Our youngest daughter loves crab so we will try to bring her home some. Pearls are also cheap but I already have some from Boracay so I wont be buying anything else. We bought a souvenir item from Iwahig Penal Colony, those ships that are inside bottles, because I always admired the craftsmanship involved. I hope to be blogging about our Puerto Princesa trip some more in the next few days, because my husband is now motioning for me to get a move on!

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