Mar 30, 2011

Scam Emails

What do you do when you receive emails asking for your bank account details because they need your help in getting out a big amount of money from their country and your email is the luckiest among the bunch? In exchange, they will give you a portion of the millions of dollars of money just for your help. This is a scam that is as old as the Internet and thankfully, I do not know anyone personally who has fallen for this scam. I think what the scammers will do next once you take the bait is to ask you to deposit some money as a show of good faith that you will not run with the millions once it is in your account. It is laughable really if one should fall for this but I know that some there really are gullible people who have fallen for this trick. Of course, other than scams, I also hate spams in my email! Why don't they use email marketing tracking so that they can be assured that the people they email are going to be interested in their product? Why email me an advertisement for penis enlargement and waste your company's time and resources? Its like you didn't do your homework and would rather shoot in the dark and hope to hit your target! Oh emails, why will I do with you when I cant live without you? Ha ha ha!

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