Mar 30, 2011

The Search for the Perfect Logo!

We want to make a family shirt for five of us. I saw those stick family figures that I know will look great for the shirt design. We still have to decide on the color of the shirt and the printer but the logo is looking good! I may even use this for my web logo design on the new blog I am thinking of putting up. The shirt design can also be our family logo, and I can have stickers made for the car and for bag tags and other stuff! I am actually excited with the idea and I hope my husband will agree. This is actually a perfect logo and I can even design couple shirts for the both of us that we can use when we travel. Ha ha, I think my husband will balk at that idea. So anyway, before I for over the top with the shirt design, I will just concentrate in looking for the perfect logo for this new poetry blog that I might put up. I found some old notebooks of my poetry and I think that I can share some of them with some pictures that I know will match. At the same time that I am trying out writing poetry again, I will be brushing up on my photography skills one more time! But I want the perfect logo first before I think about the contents for now, he he!

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