Apr 12, 2011

Great Deals!

I feel so happy because I subscribed to several direct email marketing for several companies like Essogo and Deal Grocer! I was able to get such good value for money on some purchases for beauty treatments and vacation packages! Too bad that we were not able to decide right away on that Bellaroca deal but I am sure that there will be better ones in the future. I find these discounted deals so amazing because you get to plan vacations and save a lot too! You also get to enjoy services that you would otherwise not avail because of the prices. But facial treatments and massage are such great deals and good buys at half the price! Now, all my friends have subsribed on these companies too and I get to enjoy freebies when they purchase too! I really think that this is such a great marketing idea and you can most of the time make people buy things that they would have never thought of buying before. This is great for other companies to make their products and services known too. And this is best for me because I can enjoy a lot of savings! Now, I only have to learn to practice some self control, ha ha!

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