Project Wonderful

Apr 19, 2011

Ruby Tuesday: More Wedding!

Now that I started the week with wedding and wedding decorations with my MYM entry yesterday, here again is another centerpiece during the wedding of my boss Mickey two years ago. The wedding took place at the Chapel of Transfiguration, Caleruega and the reception was at Ville Sommet in Tagaytay. These were the table centerpieces and they were so beautiful!

It was another beautiful, heartwarming and fun union that I have witnessed. The couple danced during their wedding and there was a firework display after. It was truly a dream wedding and I was so thankful to be part of it!


  1. The candlelight adds such flair to the ruby centerpieces. A glow adds a stunning reflection and glow all around. Beautiful rubies!

  2. very red =)

    here's mine:

    nice photos there...

  3. Very elegant and classy! Nice set! Hope you can check out my RT . Thank you!

  4. These centrepices are so romantic, rich with warm candlelight!